Gotcha Bite Lite is a family owned and operated business with over 60 years of love for the sport. We are avid fishermen with a bit of a creative urge. Originally, the BiteLite/DiveLite was created for our personal use but with time, people’s interest grew in these innovative items.We offer a full range of LED lights for swordfish, baitfishing, deep drop and diving.Our process is still completely “manual” with each light constructed by hand in our Miami location.


All of our products are designed and manufactured by hand at our Miami, FL. location. The BiteLite and Mega BiteLite are water activated products specially designed for deep sea fishing. Their internal battery pack runs up to 200 hours of continuous use and its encasing has been tested to 3,000 ft in depth.


In 2006, when we first ventured into Swordfishing, it occurred to us that there should be a light small enough to rig inside a squid lure. At that time there was nothing like that on the market, so we went to work experimenting with a myriad of sample sizes, molds and materials. We wanted something compact that did not require AA batteries, had no switches, was water activated, simple to use and disposable. After two years of testing the ‘then’ perfected product had been finalized into a light that was .5 inch in diameter and approximately .75 inches in length. That model launched for sale in April of 2008. Thanks to the ongoing opinions and suggestions from the fishing community we have made many upgrades along the way. BiteLite was undergone multiple transformations to improve the encasing material, extend battery life and intensify brightness. We are continuously working on making our products better because we love what we do.


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