Dock Lite PLUS (110 volt)

Dock Lite PLUS (110 volt)

from 290.00

Multi-Spectrum Technology with Remote.

Adjust color and intensity. Has steady and flashing modes.

110 Volt Use (with transformer connected). 360 degrees with no lighthouse or disco light effects. The light is designed to submerge below a dock or can be mounted beneath. 1 year warranty.

2ft light draws approximately 1 Amp of current.

4ft light draws approximately 2 Amp of current.


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2ft LED Dock Lite PLUS - Product comes with remote control for light speed and color adjustment. Can display full color spectrum. Product can be installed above and below water. 110 Volt transformer included. 20 ft. cable standard. Cable can be customized to size if needed.

 **** See Dock Lite for 12v